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The BrandenburgerBlogger presents the perspective of an American and her journeys throughout Brandenburg. The story of An American Journey in Brandenburg shares her experiences as a traveling chef and explores observations, cultural differences, and personalities encountered. Each chapter provides a fun and insightful read that continues into the next.

The Brandenburg Travel section is more interactive and provides useful travel resources and tips for anyone interested in exploring the state of Brandenburg.

Whether you are a visiting tourist or a resident of Berlin looking to learn more about the surrounding area, this is a valuable resource for you!

About the Author

My name is Evelyn, and I am an American from California who took an opportunity to live and work in Brandenburg, Germany. This opportunity extended into years of experiences allowing me the chance to live in, work in, and really get to know the Brandenburg-Berlin areas.

At the start of my journey, I had a full cultural immersion into the German language and culture. While working as a traveling chef, I had to pick up the German language on the job. Through this challenging experience, I observed a great deal and learned to listen more than ever.

Many look to travel to the lovely city-state of Berlin, yet it often seems that the state of Brandenburg is overlooked. It surrounds Berlin and offers a breath of fresh air just outside the big city beckoning you to its natural beauty for a short or long adventure.

I found it hard to find any interesting information about Brandenburg in English, so I decided to share my travel and personal experiences for those who do not have a strong grasp on the German language and culture just yet.

Cheers to your Journey! Prost auf deine Reise!

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